How to Prepare Your Car for the Junkyard

So you’ve decided to scrap your car.

It’s a big step to have made. Maybe this car has been a problem for a while, or it may have been totaled in a recent accident. Either way, you’re making a great choice if your car is beyond salvaging. There are many reasons you should scrap your vehicle, which we have covered in other blog posts, but if you’ve decided that it’s the way forward for your vehicle, there are still some things you should keep in mind.

You want to ensure that you and your car are prepared for the scrapyard. There are some things that people overlook. To make sure everything goes smoothly when you call a tow company to remove your car, here are the top things you should keep in mind!

Check for Belongings

While removing all your belongings before handing your car over to be scrapped may seem obvious, it’s still a step that slips many people’s minds! Anything that is left in the car is not coming back, so you need to be careful and thorough to ensure anything that belongs to you is removed.

That means checking every possible spot. All pockets in the seats, under all the seats, the glove compartment, and the trunk should be looked over before you scrap the vehicle. You’d be surprised how often valuables are found, including things like sunglasses, GPS systems, money, and more. Don’t lose out on the value of your things when you sell the car—make sure you’re taking everything that belongs to you first.

Clean Out Garbage

Although some scrappers won’t mind some garbage in the car, if you want to be on the safe side, we recommend emptying the vehicle of all belongings—including garbage. This may seem somewhat overboard but think of it as an opportunity to go through all the cracks and crevices of your car where all sorts of things could hide.

All the small things, including old food wrappers, CDs, snow brushes, and more, will need to go. When processed for scrap metal, these can’t be in the vehicle, so make sure your car is ready when the towing company arrives.

Occasionally a towing company will pay less for a vehicle with the trash left behind. If you’re looking to maximize your value when you sell your car for scrap, we recommend getting rid of all garbage, checking all areas thoroughly, and keeping anything valuable that you find.

Remove License Plates

When you’re worried about cleaning out your vehicle’s interior, it can be easy to overlook the exterior. Don’t let this happen.

License plates need to be removed from the vehicle before our arrival and should be kept for the future. Plates are connected to your registration and title on the vehicle, and you need to ensure that you don’t lose them. Sometimes it can be essential to return your plates when you’re canceling the registration on the vehicle, or you might even be able to transfer them to a new vehicle. If you end up losing the plates, you may be forced to pay for new ones on your next vehicle or pay the government for the loss of the plates.

Be safe by taking the time to remove the plates, either for your next vehicle or for return.

Examine the Car for Valuable Parts

One thing many people don’t think about when they scrap their car is the value of individual parts in the car. Although it’s true that the car itself may not work anymore, that doesn’t mean certain components of the vehicle aren’t functional and valuable.

You want to ensure you’re maximizing the amount you get for your vehicle, and the best way to do this is to inspect the vehicle for parts that may deliver you more money. Some parts you should look out for include:

  • Exhaust and catalytic converter systems
  • Windows, doors, and electrical parts
  • Fenders and bumpers
  • Batteries
  • Rims and tires
  • Audio systems

There may even be more components to look for than these, but if you look to sell these independently, at least you’ll find the money can add up! Some parts are worth hundreds of dollars, and this value will be lost to you if you scrap the car without cashing in on the valuable parts.

Sort Out the Title and Insurance

When you’re preoccupied with getting rid of your car, it may be easy to forget about the official aspects of owning a vehicle, including the title and insurance. You want to ensure that the sale is made correctly, which means you need to transfer the title.

It’s essential to transfer over the ownership of the vehicle to protect yourself from any legal liabilities in the future. The scrapping company will become the owner of the vehicle, meaning they are responsible for all that happens after. You need to protect yourself from any issues by ensuring the title is transferred.

Similarly, when your car is sold, cancel the insurance! It can be easy to forget about this part once the car is gone, but to make sure you aren’t spending any money unnecessarily on a vehicle you no longer have and isn’t on the road, you need to call and cancel your coverage.

Always be prompt with this so that you can get a refund for any advance payment you’ve made that you no longer need.


Deciding to scrap your car is just the first step! You should never forget about the following steps. If you’re looking to save money and time for yourself, cover all your bases by following our advice.

And if you have all these taken care of, it’s time to contact a towing expert. Imperial Towing Inc. gives you the best value on fast junk car removal! We’ll take any vehicle you have and give you cash for it. Give us a call if you’re looking for an experienced and generous junk car removal service.