Cash for Cars in Tampa

We make the process of making money off your junked vehicle more effortless than ever. Our accommodating cash for cars service is flexible to your needs. In addition, we always provide the most specific vehicle and scrap metal assessments to ensure you get the best price possible.

If you have an old scrap vehicle creating an eyesore on your property, Imperial Towing Inc can help you turn it into money in your pocket. We can safely remove unwanted cars and provide you with reasonable compensation for them—it's a win-win situation. If you would like to sell your junk car, all you need to do is reach us at (813) 900-6024 for more details.

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We Can Pick Up Your Junk Car

We provide a prompt and professional scrap car pickup service regardless of the extent of the damage. We are open seven days a week so that whenever you need us, we are at your service. We can handle all sizes of vehicles, and as long as the car is as described when we show up, the free estimate we will have provided you will be accurate.

The service includes towing, and unless you are out of range, there is no charge for us to come to you. If you need to get rid of an old or junk vehicle, please contact our team today.

Recycle Your Car for Cash

When you decide to do business with us, you are choosing the best company in Tampa. We are well experienced in purchasing and recycling vehicles, so you can guarantee that you will be getting the highest amount of cash for the exchange with Imperial Towing Inc.

Your vehicle will be recycled in an ecologically responsible manner so your conscience can rest easy. The vehicle recyclers we work with take all the necessary precautions to work within mandated environmental standards. 

Professional Scrap Car Assessments

Get the Best Price Possible for Your Junk Car

If you think you could get some scratch out of your scrap car, you're in luck. We are the best in the local area at assessing the value of old, junk cars. If you don't feel like visiting every scrapyard in the local area to get a good idea about the valuation of your vehicle, we are the team to call. Save yourself the time so you can focus on other things, call the scrap car experts.

As car pricing experts, we can give you guidance on what to do depending on the situation. We never lead our customers astray. We will provide you a detailed and accurate vehicle valuation report. Since we aren't here simply looking for a quick buck, if we think you would make more money selling your vehicle than scrapping it or vice versa—that is the information you will receive.

Our reputation depends on our ability to provide clients with consistently accurate junk car exchange prices. Therefore, it is to our benefit to get you the best price possible for your vehicle.

Please call our team if you are looking for an accurate valuation of an old or junk vehicle. We will get you the best price you can get! We look forward to helping you and letting you know why Imperial Towing Inc is the area's most reliable name in cash for cars in Tampa.

Our Cash for Scrap Cars Process

We do everything we can to make our services as convenient and straightforward as possible for our clients. We believe that we offer one of the simplest solutions for our clients, allowing them to get rid of their vehicles without any effort on their part. Here's what you can expect when you contact our junk car buyers:

  • You contact us and provide us with your information
  • We schedule a time for us to come to your location
  • We assess your vehicle and make you an offer
  • If you choose to accept, we will put cash in your hand and then safely tow the vehicle away

Reasonable Offers for Your Junk Car Pickup

We never want to waste your time or ours, which is why we pride ourselves on providing fair compensation for your old vehicles. When you contact us to come take a look at your car and potentially pay you for it, you can always expect a price that makes sense. We are forthright with our quotes and promise now to lowball you, so you never have to worry about that.

Quick Responses for Your Scrap Car Removal

Getting cash for junk cars doesn't need to be a long process, thanks to our swift scheduling options. Once you reach our line to inquire about our services, we will be happy to find the nearest possible time in our schedule that works for you. Whether you need to get rid of your vehicle ASAP or are just tired of it taking up space, you can count on us to complete the process quickly.

Put Your Junk Cars to Good Use

On top of getting paid for your old vehicles, our service also allows you to feel good knowing that your scrap car will be responsibly recycled. Our team of experts makes sure that all the usable components from your car will be put to use. You don't have to be concerned with your vehicle crowding up a junkyard and creating waste because we do everything we can to salvage as much as possible.

Great Customer Service from Scrap Car Buyers

We strive to make your experience with our company as pleasant as possible. From the moment you contact us, we will be honest, polite, and friendly. Getting rid of old vehicles and getting paid for them has never been easier, so we hope to make you another one of our satisfied clients soon.

Learn More About Cash for Junk Cars

If you have an old vehicle on your property that you aren't sure what to do with, Imperial Towing Inc is the company to call. We will help you clear it from your mind while also making some money in the process, so give us a call at (813) 900-6024 to get started. We look forward to talking details with you and arranging a quick pickup.

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