Junk Cars in Clearwater

Old, junk cars don't serve their owners very much. At best, they might be fixed sometime, but at worst, they're an eyesore and can leak harmful fluids on your driveway. Imperial Towing Inc is happy to provide the service of buying junk cars throughout the Clearwater area. Just give us a call, and we'll tow your vehicle from your location and replace it with cash. You'll be unburdened of a dysfunctional car, and we'll be sure to salvage the parts for good use. Call (813) 900-6024 today and let us know what we can do for you.

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Trade Your Junk Car and Free Up Space

Old, unused junk cars take up both physical and mental space. They occupy your driveway and garage and are a reminder of future costly repairs. Although repairing your vehicle could be an option, more often than not, the repairs can cost more than the car is worth. Imperial Towing Inc allows you to free up your space and make your property yours again.

We Recycle Junk Cars

When we recycle your car, we purpose every part of your car. Even if a vehicle no longer runs, small functioning components within the car can still be useful. Further, simple materials salvaged from the car can be removed and put to good use, such as:

  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • And more

From the transmission to the engine, every part of your vehicle is recycled and used. Further, when we recycle your car, we ensure that harmful toxic fluids, such as steering fluids, mercury, and antifreeze, are disposed of safely. You won't have to worry about us towing off your car and throwing it in the scrap yard. We can assure you that every part will be put to good use.

Reduce Expenses by Selling Your Junk Car

Old cars always wind up at the mechanic more often than new ones. As cars get older, more and more components begin to break down from repeated wear and usage. Over time, they stop functioning entirely, and as parts are replaced, repair bills only grow more and more costly. As repairs compound, it's never guaranteed that another part of your car won't break down while driving. Consider trading it in for cash instead of pumping funds into repairing a car to keep it running for another few months. Instead of costing money, your old vehicle will make you money and you won't have to concern yourself with worrying about the next trip to the shop.

We Buy Your Junk Car and Replace it with Cash

If your old car isn't doing anything but taking up space, the wisest thing to do with it might be to sell it. We can buy your car off of you right away and save you the trouble of trying to find a buyer. Just give us a call and let us know the make and model, and give us a rough approximation of the condition. We'll be happy to arrive at your location and provide you with a cash offer. Call (813) 900-6024 today, and let us take your old car off your hands.