Junk Car Removal in St. Petersburg

Imperial Towing Inc is St. Petersburg's number one rated junk car removal specialist for a reason. We pay cash for your unwanted vehicles, ensuring you get top dollar. In addition to this, we are licensed and insured scrap car towing professionals with years of experience under our belts. No matter where your vehicle is located, we safely and carefully load and tow away wrecked cars without disturbing the rest of your property.

The best part? You get to enjoy your newly earned cash without ever having to look at that old eyesore again. Would you like to inquire about a vehicle that is just lounging there, taking up a good amount of space in your yard?

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We Do Your Car Removal for Cash

That's Cash in Your Pocket When We Haul Away Junk Cars

Need some extra cash? You're in luck if there's an old beater rotting away in your yard. It doesn't matter what condition it's in or what year it was manufactured in. We're more than happy to come in and offer you cash for it on the spot. We take practically all unwanted cars, including:

  • Completely crushed cars
  • Wrecked and smashed vehicles
  • Vehicles with broken and missing parts
  • Aging cars that are immovable
  • And much more

That means you'll have cash in hand and be free from the grips of an unwanted pile of metal. Want to learn more about this win-win situation? Contact us for more information.

We Tow Any Junk Car

As our business has striven to become the premier junk car towing company in St. Petersburg, we have gradually expanded our towing services to include all types of vehicles. You should never feel limited based on the make or model of your vehicle – with us, you can have your car removed no matter what.

Our trucks are large and powerful, ready to load and haul your vehicle, regardless of its state or size. We’re experts at developing creative towing solutions for even the largest scrap vehicles. When you put your faith in us, you can expect seamless towing services for the following types of vehicles:

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Compact cars
  • … and more!

If you have a car that you don’t want anymore and can’t sell, stop looking for a buyer! We’ll take it off your hands. Call us to discuss the type of vehicle you have, and we’ll send an appropriate tow truck as soon as we can!

Junk Car Towing Wherever You Are

One of the best parts about working with our company to tow and remove your junk car is we’ll come to you and get it, wherever you are! You could end up with a scrap car in an instant, without even expecting it. If you get in an accident that totals your car, have a breakdown that ends its life, or have a vehicle that’s been sitting for years on your property, you need a towing company that can come straight to you.

We’ll pull your car out of any situation. Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road, have a wrecked car in a ditch, or are storing it in the corner of your property, our trucks can get into where you are and maneuver the car out and up onto the towing bed. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before in our years of towing.

Get a trusted towing team with creative solutions to come to your location and load your car from any spot. Call us today!

Quick and Efficient Junk Car Pick Up

After you've agreed to our offer, and with cash in hand, you can sit back and watch our professionals do what they do best. That is loading, and towing wrecks and other types of unwanted cars and trucks.

We’re always the fastest team to get to your property, with many tow trucks on the road at a time. We can find the fastest route to wherever you are and be at your location in no time.

We've been doing this for so long you'll be surprised at how quickly we get an immovable vehicle from your yard to the back of our truck. We're happy to explain our certifications in greater detail. Get in touch to learn more about us.

Responsive Towing Experts

If you’ve decided to scrap your car, it’s because you’re done with it. Chances are you’ve been trying to keep it running for a long time or have suddenly had it stop working in an accident or through an irreparable breakdown. You want this junk car out of your life as soon as possible and want to know that your tow company of choice will get the job done right as soon as they get to your location.

We offer responsive towing solutions when you need them. If you’re looking to get rid of your junk car on short notice, we’re the team to call. We have a large fleet of diverse tow trucks to send to your location at a moment’s notice.

When you call us, we’ll walk you through the process, asking questions about the vehicle’s location, condition, and parts that are missing to understand the job we’re dealing with. We’ll also answer any of your questions, giving you confidence that the job will be done the way you want it. Then we arrive on-site and take care of everything.

Trusted Experts in Scrap Car Removal

We are licensed scrap car removal experts who take great care to be mindful of your property, your neighbors, and the community at large. When we perform a removal, we are careful not to block off any driveways without notice, and we work fast to ensure we are out of the way in no time at all.

Do you have special instructions for where you'd like us to place our trucks on your property during loading? Perhaps you have a garden you'd like us to make sure we avoid.

Connect with us to discuss the detail further at no obligation on your behalf.

Safe Junk Car Removal

If you’re shopping around for a towing company to take your junk car, we know you’re prioritizing the safety of the service. While the car may never drive again, you don’t want anything to happen during the loading and towing job that could impact the safety of your property.

Our tow truck drivers are experts at navigating small and narrow spaces where scrap cars are usually kept. We’re used to going to the nooks and crannies of a property to dig out an old car that won’t move on its own anymore. We use non-invasive techniques that will leave your property in peak condition. Our drivers are careful with your lawn, driveway, gardens, and buildings, leaving everything exactly as they found it.

When we come to get your scrap vehicle, we take the car and nothing else. Reach out to us to book a towing company that cares about safety, giving you a perfect junk car removal experience!

The Most Cash For Your Car

Most of our clients don’t want to get rid of their cars. Chances are, you’ve been driving the vehicle for a while and have either seen it reach the end of a long life or are forced to make the difficult decision of scrapping it after a traumatic accident. In either case, it’s your right to try to maximize the money you can get for your vehicle.

Many towing companies will lowball you with their offers, looking to make a significant profit on your misfortune. We never do this. Although our service of removing and towing the vehicle needs to be considered, we still always offer sizeable cash offers for every vehicle.

Don’t worry about whether you’re getting your money’s worth; when you choose us, you always are.

Get A Quote for Your Vehicle

Before you get us to come and take the car, you can get a cash offer from us over the phone. We believe in giving you clarity before we arrive on site. To do this, we need some information about your car, including:

  • What is the make, model, and year?
  • Does it have an engine?
  • Does the engine run?
  • Are all the doors on the vehicle?
  • Does it have its fenders/bumpers?
  • Is there are working battery?
  • Where are you located?

When you call us, we’ll always ask for this information from you. Be prepared to talk about your car in detail since these questions will help us get a better estimate of your car’s value, meaning you get more money for the service.

Call us now and get a cash offer for your junk car’s removal!

Contact Car Removal Experts Who Put Cash in Your Hands

Imperial Towing Inc is the car removal expert the people of St. Petersburg trust to put top value back into your hands. When you have a decrepit car that is endangering the value of your property with its presence, it's time to make the first move by calling us for a complimentary quote.

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