Cash for Junk Cars in St. Petersburg

Imperial Towing Inc wants to give you the best of both worlds by putting cash for junk cars in your hands. In addition to taking care of removing a vehicle from your St. Petersburg property, we are also committed to paying you top dollar on the spot. While we always encourage our clients to shop around for a better deal, we are confident you won't find an offer like this elsewhere.

Is there a junky old vehicle taking up space and creating an eyesore in your yard? Would you like to trade it for cash with no strings attached?

Phone (813) 900-6024 to get started with a risk-free estimate.

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Cash for Junk Cars and Great Service

In our line of work, the customer comes first. That means when you work with us, you can expect nothing but the best customer service and the best prices for your scrap vehicles. When we come to your property to appraise your vehicle, you can expect a thorough examination of the car where everything is considered. Before we come up with the competitive cash-for-car price we offer you, we’ll take into account the value of the vehicle’s scrap metal and aftermarket parts. We believe that giving our clients fair prices for their cars is the best way to continue serving the St. Petersburg community.

We want to be your partner in squeezing all the value you can get out of your old car! If that's the service you need from your car scrapper, get in touch with Imperial Towing Inc today.

Experienced Team of Junk Car Removers

Throughout our time providing our convenient junk car removal service to residents of St. Petersburg, we’ve learned all the tricks of the trade and know what to do to make for a smooth service. Whether you have a newer vehicle that has recently died on your property or an old one that's been sitting and deteriorating for years, we can assure you a safe, effective removal.

We’ll always pay the right price for the vehicles we’re told about. We buy junk vehicles because we see their actual value and have the systems in place to take advantage of it, sharing those benefits with you. Your trash is our treasure, and we make sure you share in the reward. We can pick up your beaten-down old jalopy and take it away, leaving nothing but a pile of cash in your hand.

Fast Response Cash Car Removal

Having been around for so long, we’ve streamlined our services, so our clients get the best of what we offer. If you need us immediately, we’ll send the closest car to you and provide an accurate estimate of our arrival.

We’re organized, friendly, and value communication very highly. If you call us to help you remove an old vehicle, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the condition of the car and the reasons behind the price we offer you. We take great pride in the efficiency of our services and strive every day to be the best service you could wish for.

If all our crew isn’t busy picking up someone else's vehicle at the moment, we can get to you in the blink of an eye with a fair price for your car. Let us provide you with the convenient cash-for-car scrapping service you've been looking for.

Helping You Recycle Your Car

If you're researching cash for car services, we know you’re probably ready for your car to be gone. After all, cash in hand is much better than your old car taking up space on your property. Even if there is a sentimental attachment to the old vehicle, we can assure you that the price we offer will help you sever ties with your beloved hunk of metal.

Take advantage of our willingness to buy your car for higher than our competitors will! We know the true value of your car, and we understand the importance of proper recycling. Put your old vehicle in the hands of St. Petersburg's professionals, and we’ll take care of the rest for you!

Scrap Vehicles Wanted!

No matter what kind of vehicle you need us to help you get rid of, we can remove it efficiently and safely. If you have a large vehicle or piece of equipment you need us to help you move, all we need is a little notice so that we can prepare and bring the right equipment to haul your machinery away.

We take cars of all kinds. New, old, dilapidated, large, small—you name it. We also offer our services for small to medium-sized construction equipment, including excavators, caterpillars, and more. We always offer top dollar on whatever vehicle you have for us. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment for us to come by and do a valuation.

St. Petersburg's Favorite Scrapper

After providing cash-for-car services for so long, we’re confident we can give you the service you're looking for. There is no risk in calling our team because we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you’re happy with your decision to trust us as your junk scrappers.

We understand that our clients are what keeps our business going—that's why we work hard to make sure they’re happy with what we’re doing.

We’re St. Petersburg's best cash-for-car service because of our:

  • Competitive local tows
  • Accurate estimates
  • Swift car pickups
  • Cash onsite
  • Flexible scheduling
  • …and more

Get in touch with our team once you're ready to haul your old car away. We look forward to helping you out.

Dependable Pickup for Any Vehicles

When we say that we’ll be there to take a look at your vehicle, you can count on us to be there for you. Our good reputation depends on being able to fulfill our promises to clients. Contact us today and take advantage of our customer service guarantees.

We’re a knowledgeable, organized, and experienced team, and we’re hoping you can benefit from our expertise. We’ll tow your car away and give you cash on the spot. The final amount we offer will include the cost of getting us over to you and pulling your car away. You keep everything we provide you with no extra fees for the service. If you like the sounds of our valuable assistance, please get in touch today. We'll set you up with a convenient appointment right away.

We Pay Cash for Cars: We Want Your Junk Vehicles No Matter the Condition

We pay cash for cars that don't run, have been in severe wrecks, and are totaled. If you're tired of pulling into your driveway and having to park next to a car that has seen much better days, we're the solution you've been looking for.

Our commitment to giving you the most value in return for your unwanted car is what makes us second to none. We also provide towing and removal services, so all you have to do is stand there and think about what you're going to do with your new earnings.

Get in touch to let us know where you are and what type of vehicle you'd like us to remove. We take all makes, models, and years, and we have no problem traveling to any location you request.

Don't Let Junk Cars Accumulate in Your Yard

If your ideal situation isn't a car that is collecting dirt, unable to move, and is killing your grass, we're the team you can trust for the best deal on junk cars. Let us put cash back into your pockets, so you can get the value you deserve and the prompt, always friendly junk car removal service we are best known for.

You won't have to lift a finger other than to point us in the direction of the wrecked vehicle we'll be taking away. Our insured and fully licensed technicians will happily do the rest while being careful not to disturb the rest of your property.

Not sure if the wreck in your yard is a good candidate for removal? No sweat! We pay top dollar for destroyed vehicles and have removed vehicles that are completely immobile, crushed, and in awful condition. Reach us to learn more. We're looking forward to providing you with a free estimate.

Can I Sell My Junk Car?

Yes. You can sell your junk car, but chances are, you're not going to get the full value you deserve unless you work with an experienced professional. That's where we come in. We're here to make it easy and painless.

Would you like to know how much a scrap car in your possession is worth? Dial our number for a free estimate today. We look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions about selling your junk cars.

When you collaborate with us on your vehicle recycling, we’ll show you why Imperial Towing Inc has been St. Petersburg's favorite cash-for-cars removal business for so long. We can't wait for you to join our long list of satisfied clients. Call any time to get started.

Call Us: We Pick Up Cars for Cash

Imperial Towing Inc is the name to remember when you are dealing with the removal of a junk car on your St. Petersburg property. We pick up cars for cash and go above and beyond to provide you with the top value and a seamless experience.

Reach us for a free quote today by dialing (813) 900-6024.